What kind of dancing? - – – Square Dancing!

Today’s square dancing is a fun activity, set to up-beat music that offers a great social interaction while providing both physical and mental health benefits.

It Is Fun, Fitness, and Friendship.

You don’t just sit around and watch. You are right in there as part of the show, active and enjoying the company of your fellow dancers. It is a fitness activity that lets you have a good time and make new friends.

It Is Non-competitive.

Here’s an activity you can do with your partner that doesn’t keep a score. With other fitness activities, you’re either alone or competing. But when you dance, you’re cooperating; working with others. It is the ultimate togetherness workout.

It Is Also Enjoyed By Singles.

Although square dancing is a couples activity, many singles do participate. Club “Angels” help (partner) during lessons. After lessons, our area has several Singles clubs where an enjoyable evening of dancing and socializing can be found.

A Note for the Men.

The square dance caller is responsible for the choreography. You’re not on your own trying to figure out what to do. You and everyone else simply follow the calls. There’s no guesswork, or question about making up moves, or whether your partner can follow your lead. So there’s no worry. Everyone just has a great time moving to the calls and dancing to the beat of the music.

No Experience Necessary.

New dancer lessons are sponsored by nearly all of the 40 some clubs in the North Texas area. Your Caller teaches you from the ground floor up, and you will feel a warm sense of accomplishment as you learn to perform the various moves. You will be active and dancing at every lesson! 

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